At The Gates Of The Salvation EP

by The Saviour

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paul rote
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paul rote I bought this without hearing a note. I loved their first one.umm, this is quite different from their first . Hints of Dream Death style doom , elements of Cheech and Chong' s earache my eye , Frank Sinatra big band , Elvis , and some other stuff. Favorite track: Sinister Absolution.
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This is an a overture, a last door that guides to salvation. Soon the great truth will be revieled. So get ready for the Judgement Day, unfaithful ones will be crushed.


released May 4, 2016



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The Saviour Russia


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Track Name: Sinister Absolution
Do you recognize that voice you've head tonight?
Solitude is only reason turn off your house lights

Oh confess me again, yeah confess my friend

Down flows the liquid smoke, your skin so wet and nice
Take off your precious clothes and never look in my eyes

Oh yeah ready for salvation baby! Now do the devil!

Pretty flower dropes a leaf, candles fade behind your back
A crowns scream on rooftop icy sweat on gentle neck
Track Name: Metúm Mørtem
I serve to the king like an infantry knight
We live to defend and protect holy light
My armor are shine and my sword are prepared
To strike any enemy dead
A time has been passed and our citizens scared
Cos smell of the trouble has stuck in the air
Prophet advised now king issue decree
That war be our destiny

No, i dont wanna to die, no this is just suicide!
Help me, god help me please!

We went to the field fight about to begin
I stand in a first row have goosebumbs on skin
The enemys bunched into big massive stack
Captain is screaming "Attack!"
So we pick out weapons and marchin' on them
Feel fear of the death, very scared is i am
He looked in my eyes, have no space to evade
I see reckless dash of his blade
Track Name: Sobre Audaz y Muertós
Roses on the tombstone
Sound of chapel's bell
Sun is burning skin and infuse a thirsty feel
Dust of leather high-boots
Straw in weathered lips
Glare of silver steel which so attract to finger tips
Squeaks of aged sadlle
Noise of hoofs and whistling wind has break thru skys with force
Figures of the people
Slowly disappear
Eagles flyes above the head in heart no place for fear

Acerado, desperado !

Spurs hits floor of estate
Smell of the parfume
Boiled blood, besoted mind
Shooting in the room
People run in panic
Guest is ride away
Night change day
Then day changes night, a hotel place to stay
Snorring in the bedroom
Moon is have to rise
Slam of maple door
The law present surprise
Escort to the city
Rope around the neck
Angry crowd and scorching sun, three vultures in the sky
Hangman is about to die
Track Name: I Love Satan (When I Smoke)
Come on in babe, no, parents not here, so take a sit
Now listen

When my parents not around i feel myself so cool
We can smoke and watch TV untill the afternoon
Take a trip in dad's garage, and take some joint with you
Lets get stoned my bearded friends, we have somethings to do

Lets plug it in man, n' play some jam! Yeah, soda in fridge.
Ok boys!

When im smokin' ganja weed im feeling so creative
Mom and dad think im goner, they dont apperciate me
They dont like they way i choose, my ways of relaxation
Talkin' bad bout how im look, say i am the shame of nation

But they dont know no shit about
My stoner songs are awesome and playing so loud!

I love satan, oh yes i do

Electric Wizard coming first, then i will play some Sleep
Uncle Acid, Golden Void, Elder e.t.c.
Bang my speakers with a songs about a mushroom trip
Universe is feels so deep, satan smoking weed

Dude, im seeing stars!

I am flying thru skys my eyes is rolling on
Diamond stars and silver lights, my head have weight of ton
Colors flow across the land, i lay in pool of piss
Nothing can compare to this ganja masterpiece
Track Name: Circus Of The God
Please come and see our show of a life time
You will be entertained, you can have my word
Let me guide you thru walls of emotion
Feel the joy flows in heart, like an ocean breeze

Now take a look all around, do you see this?
Someone laugh, others cry, thinking life is pain
Playin' role on a stage for a one man
Have no worry my friends you can join them soon

Welcome to the circus, we wating only you
Get ready for the entertainment, which prepared to do
Take a spotlights on the stage and play our music loud
Eat some icecream, have laugh about our suited clowns


Take a look on this side they juggling nuclear bombs
Big boys is playing with a guns, destroying all around
Drama goes on other side with pray and sacrifice
Acrobats is jump in pool which full of fake and lies

Earth is set on fire, bombs and radiation.
Thousands of diseases and the sequence of mutation
People kills each other, looking for solution
Falling into pit of the games and prostitution
Trying find the answers, asking same old questions
Doing drugs and living dreams for self-consolation
Someone born to follow, someone born to lead them
They all want be the best, among other livers
Track Name: Inanimate Cathedral
Dark night falls, wind whistling in holes
But aking pain in head, driving me mental mad

Golden shade, fountain of today
Find the womb you born, gift of life i have earned
Forest sleeps, sweet tears on your lips
Balance needs demand, exist by my own command

Embers glowing, lust of fire, mirrors reflect your soul
Dices been thrown with blind desire, your skin is creep so cold
Shattered illusions smolderin' in pyre, ashes are gently falls
Pulsing organic looking so dire crawling on sinister walls

Childrens of the damn is rises from the deps of sea
Giant hand is come from skys to plant the serpent eve
You watchin' marchin' robots takin' all around
Before you feel the presence of the underground
The wisdom trees a down in fires

Crystal eagles fly across the land
Melted bodys burning with no end
Metal angels from the heaven come to take your soul
Necrophobic servantes for whom the bell have toll

Grim and evil interference of the shadow priest
Legion of the headless knights bring you down on knees
Broken swords will sing the song to end of days
Then drums of thunder bring on earth an acid rain
The citys are drown in ocean

You wathin' your live breakin the things that you've knew
Dying inside, equilibrium gone, crimson landseer rides away!

Smoke in sky, time no more going by
Corpses are lie over land, blood turning into the sand
Frozen seas, trees stands with no leafs
Crying now makes no sence, dying with innocence