The Last Judgement

by The Saviour

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Well, this is the last album, the grand finale in a trilogy of doom band The Saviour. I know, the first album is missing and this milestone be sure will be put here, in bandcamp. And not just put, but with some pleasant surprice for all doom lovers (especially BS and WG ones).

This LP contains TWO BONUS SONGS:

1. Moscow
2. The Conqueror Worm (Staight mix) (Glass Prism cover)

Also contains front and back side of album art in HD


-All previous releases now are FOR-FREE and have the gem, cherry on top of the cake, thing that every doom song need .... ==THE LYRICS!!!==

So feel free to go out and explore what really DOOM is!! Enlighten
every blind, spread the word, share this and believe in THE SAVIOUR.

See you quiet soon my friends...


released November 8, 2016

Thank all my believers, that precipitated his prayers approaching The Last Judgement. In real doom we strong!

And what for all of those unfaitful satan-weed-fucking bullshit dark bedtime story posers:



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The Saviour Russia


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Track Name: Judgement Is Here
For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son
And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man

Your time is over, the jugement is about to start
See supernova dismantle skys into a part
You never listen those words that i was say to you
That shiny glister you blind to see but now you do

Tis' time to answer those prays now of the salvation
Blind sinners, who never believe, will take decapitation
My eyes was drowning in tears, sacrificing my soul thru the years
But now the judgement is here's

So now his fire is blazing all across the land
Unfatefuls burning, too late for them to understand
The other humans will take me by my master hand
And then will happen ascension to the promise land

Why this world is so grim and so dark, where the mind is so confused?
Million people are dying inside but belief is still refused
Track Name: In For The Cross
Sun reflects on helmets and the crosses on theyr shields
Marchin' thru the sands to change beliefs
Serve on will of Father they will sink theyr swords in blood
Never-ending year of rue and grief

Horn of war has blown and the death is start her feast
Agony enveloped holy land
Shows no mercy for a those who's different somehow
Count of breathless bodys have no end

Tell me who is right or wrong, dont you understand?
They are mindless puppets, who kills by God's command
Leaders cry for power, like every human being
Ravage and devour everything what they eyes see

Now this just a story but that war still going on
Some of them still searching holy grail
Immortality is case but wealth is more then that
Truth that hides behind religious veil
Track Name: Die For War
Soldiers of USSR marchin' on streets to the fightful night
Soldiers of USSR exchanging a victory for theyr lives

Bullets are flying and people are dying, defending theyr motherland
Somekind of illusion and mental confusion, they fight for a last man stand
Destruction and horror, you kill by the order those leaders who hides in outside
Surviving and suffer for hope, that the after your death peace will spreads worldwide

Soldiers of USSR sceaming in pain while they fight for light
Soldiers of USSR give theyr lifes and no question why

Nazi Germania, the wicked fantasia to rule and control the world
They rapin' they women, enslaving theyr childrens, change everything that you've know
No different races or unwanted faces they buildin' utopia
Thru sieze and possession, delightful obsession to live in euphoria

Twenty one century, we see that enventually a million of people have died
Still building memorials and makin' tutorials about those who give theyr lifes
But honor those statues the way that you all choose to blindly respect them death
So erring and mindlessly, you contemporaneously respecting the war itself
Track Name: Man Who Looks in Mirror at The Night / Face
You watch how heavy darkness laying on your skin
You live in shadows of a walls
And every mirror that you see is looks so dim
Dreadful flesh you been born

You look in window and you see those pretty dolls
They shiny smiles and silky hair
They lynch the others purify our vivid world
Place those souls to despair

Mind collapses and you fall on knees
Crave your face with razor to red tears

Another day of your pointless life is gone
Another scar on your face
You huddle in a corner hiding from the dawn
Wait till day will rephase again
Track Name: Orgy of The Angels
This was gentle velor night
Crescent dancing with the stars
They was shining oh so bright
From a Venus to a Mars
Love and passion in the air
Nature's peaceful harmony
Every creature was prepared
For an Angel

And the rasp of rusty iron echoed in the skys,
Swarm of pale clouds eclipse the moon
Jet of slime poured out from heaven with a wicked scream of lewdness
And the Earth was set on somber,
Dire, gloomy mist with the sound of an a grotty tune
Deformation, every living life was feeling this grip of darkness

And with malice pack of angels flying down to earth,
Crushing everything on theyr way
Spreading chaos and oblivion in mortal lives of people
And the seraphs start to makin' things that words cant explain,
Did so filthy, so salaciously
Air was filld with the exhausted sighs of lust and a furry ripple

And the Angles come to me
Take me by my shakin' hand
They say -"Come with us you be
authorised to give commands.
You will be a one of us,
Everyone will bow to you
Filled with power and a force
Of an Angel"

And i was drop his hand and tell him to go back to hell
He laugh at me, said im a fool
He said im never will be able to understand
Then flew away and leave me to myself

And since that fateful night im sittin' here immersed in thoughts
Doubt my choise that i was quickly made
What if Angel is a blessing for an every living figure?
And im running circles with myself to find a truth
But the answer is so out of rich
This mistery is drives me mad, im done, im pull the trigger
Track Name: Nobody Is Safe
You pray to heaven and to a reverend to keep your life so safe
You wear medallion, horseshoe of stallion, survive another day
You gain protection and circumspection but still its not enough
An evil fortune delivers torture, decide to take your life

Why wont you realize that live is have no rules?
There is no promises or magic karma tools

Another poor man, another rich man went to a casket box
Another life ends cos' circumstances was all against the odds
Some house fire was cruel and dire, send souls into flight
Those wretched people, who lived so simple, no longer see a light
Track Name: Saviour Will Come / Blood For You (GG Allin cover) / Saviour Will Come (reprise)
People holdin' crosses, they are callin' my name,
Innocence is dead and gone
Crying for salvation from my mercyful hand
Waiting till The Saviour is comes
They cant resist that fact, that life can be cruel
They minds can not investigate
The images of sinners, that so blind is so fool
They slamming at the heaven's gates

Sorrow and madness corrupted theyr mind
Future is looking so grim
Desperately crawling they give sacrifice
Sign that will never be seen
Living illusions that joyful delight
Will be revealed after death
Dreamin' of garden that eternally bright
Things that they never will have

Looking for solution everywhere that they go
Churches that they build on Earth
Never give the answers to the questions of you
Secrets of the second birth
Searching in the space thru skys and stars that so shine
Universe remains the same
Brothers tell them tales, feed them same silly lies
Rule them in theyr sinister game

Hunger, degradation, death and mutilation, vice - so nice
Crying for salvation thru humiliation, twice they dies

I'm so great, so everybody see
Everyone of you should be looking up at me
I'm your god, the one you'll never be
I'm the best, so you better kiss my feet

I'm God to everyone of you
Jesus Christ who died in pain for you
I'm life, I'm death, I'm the blood for you

It's not easy being number one in the world
I'm a gift for the women and all of the little girls
If your lucky enough to touch me, some day you'll see
I'm superior to you and every human being

Now blow my sax bitch!

I get high on myself, so get high on me
Worship me, when you're down on your knees
Think of me, me in all of your wettest dreams
'Cause I'm the ruler, I'm the king, I'm the super sonic machine