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by The Saviour

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paul rote Bargain city folks ! Insane Witchfinder General influenced band , check out the bonus tracks .
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    Witchfinde general; Black Sabbat; Stone Axe

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This album was released in august of 2014. This how journey was begin.

Side A:

1. A Cure From Reality
2. Punisher
3. Mirage Of Verity
4. John Dee

Side B:

1. World Order of New (Cult)
2. Life For Life / Swinging The Chain (Black Sabbath cover)

1. Slave of Fear (Stone Axe cover) / Worms and Vomit
2. Phantasmagorical (Witchfinder General cover)
3. Headless Cross (Black Sabbath cover)
Realise contains pictures of all sides of vinyl,sleeves and album art


released August 6, 2014



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Track Name: A Cure From Reality
What do you searching in deeps of your mind?
Answer to all your dreams?
Draggin' your head million miles from ground
Hunting desirable feels

Name me that feel when all people around
Staring theyr eyes in your back
Is this a fashion or natural feel
Painting yourself into black
Track Name: Punisher
Well we've got marrige in our way
You will love me anyway
Thats what you was sayng to me last night
Days are gone you lost your feels
Now you offer me a deal
Im accept and blood is splash on my legs
One day im returning home, open door and step in room
I have seen you layng down with a servant

All that is drive me crazy, my feels ejection im lose my mind
You all will pay for crossing that line, oh you will

I grab gift-knive from the wall
Stab him twice and he is fall
Wife is run away but nothing can help her
Now she's crying in my knees
Bagin' mercy for her sins
Its too late my love ill rip you apart
Track Name: Mirage Of Verity
Child ask what's good or bad and how to live
But do you think the adults know what they believe
They starts a war take lands and take theyr freedom
Never questioning themselves about evil

Soldiers pray in the name of love
Day for day blood flows from steel to the founds of Earth

Now look at this from other side, a different will
Evolution of survive, they need to kill
When you find out the lies are truth and the truth is lies
You still confused and people will continue dies

Graves turn into beds they sleep rather long
Weddings turn into deaths a funeral song
Track Name: John Dee
One of misty mornings sun refuse to shine
Flashes of the lightning blazing in the sky
Child was born to have no rest till he pass his future test
In the search of darkness he will gain success

Astrology prognoses, current state of mind
Sience here cant please him so he left his land behind
He comming down to Europe, find a couple friends
Then he move to the France Paris take a fortune in his hands

He's-a name is John-e Dee

The hard times are coming they took his bequest
Three months in prison and then again into quest
In the fifteen fifty eight he keep in mind that special date
Queen name Bloody Mary face her cruel fate

Now he is grand wizard, kabbalah book in hands
He open up an academy for the magic that he stands
Then came Edward Kelly with dust and crystal sphere
He offer help and the Dee accepts now nothing hold them here

He's-a name is John-e Dee
Mystic angels rise
He's-a name is John-e Dee
Things you cant to see with eyes

Do you really know what you doing? We stayn' at the graveyard at night
Is some kind of evil magic will lead us by blinding light? Well allright

Its too late for a retreat friend im see white personas somehow
And hear those words that they tell me so we better write it right now
So come on!

He was return to England after seven years
Hes library was brutalized but angels dont drop tears
He listen to they orders and fools is gonna wait
Cos' Golden Dawn set the world in flames, open up a mirror gates
Track Name: World Order of New (Cult)
Which way to go they are tell you and they tell you how to live
One day you will rich salvation one thing you need to do - is believe
Your souls is need purification your mind is need a help from God
We know what's best for your creedo we help you kill that heavy thoughts

Is this a reason cover truth with lies?
I cant believe that things you've done for the price

Meanwhile the life is going over for them you just a pawn in chess
So vile you dont realize that the faith is just an evil jest
Possession all-seeing eye watch you they watch your every single move
Obsession for ruling whole world nothing can stop them now while you still waiting for sing
Track Name: Life For Life / Swinging The Chain (Black Sabbath cover)
I. Birth

Silence broke with scream
Newborn life will be redeemed

Since the beginning when he comes to this life the mother thought him well
And all that images he see with own eyes but they got nothing to tell
He's growing, growing, he's watches and learnin' that life has nothing do with himself
The world of his creation with lots of love and patience protect him from a danger like shell

Can this be a life that he dont wanna to change?
Or he dont know a truth that keep him in plastic cage

All the decisions that he have to accept already has been accepted
Decide his own future and the road that he will met, his destiny was founded
Running, running, time running and flowing no mercy no end of a line
He touch the gound so gently and think the world is friendly, never thought his parents lied

II. Life (existence)

Now the time is come to you to the rise your mind
Feel the emotion that you never find
Step out from shadow where you have live before
Waits for tomorrow knocks at your door

A first look at better place has crushing down his dreams
Like a paper they burning down and was dispel at streets
He felt anger and misery, he falled in love and cry
But still questioning himself why his mother lied

Tears drop on the floor and its nowhere to hide
Footsteps at your door, you cant run from the life

Times are changed but not his life - he workin' for survive
Still cant decide, they rule his life and slowly take his mind
A thousand doors have different look but lead to same old place
A deja vu from yesterday, what means he have to chase?

III. Death

A lot of years is has been flow to the past
He's turning old and he is scream for the rest
He looking back and he have nothing to see
His life was circle and the misery

Grey blood start freeze in veins he close his eyes and fade

He start believe in God and pray for his sould
But he dont know for sure what be after all
Can fall in hell again and burn in the flame
But this is was his life and noone to blame