by The Saviour

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paul rote What have we here ? Early Witchfinder General demos ? No a retro doom metal MASTERPIECE ! Old fart alert !! Remember how it all started ? Grave snatchers and church gate crashers , the Saviour drives in today ! Favorite track: Manifesto The Demonofacture.
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This is a second step to gates of salvation. Child matured and want to prove a world that he can implement prophecy.


released October 18, 2015



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The Saviour Russia


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Track Name: Anemic Gallery
Living in the world of lie we make a big mistake
Burning churches, people cry of give more then take
Fallen angels of the hell they singin' serenade
Songs about your sinful ways is open up the gate

Brother, you've been taken away to keep playn your innocent games
Father, the creator of live, soon will takin' a fate in his hands

You try to run from painful truth and have yourself a lie
Gather up in bottle for the final suicide
Playn' role and wearin' mask like part of masquerade
When you hear of judgement day you say you not afraid

Brother, you've been taken away to keep playn your innocent games
Father, the creator of live, soon will takin' a fate in his hands

The master, my master

I wake up in the morning and puke on floor, drink some Jack and feelin' so fine
Then light a heavy joint and stoner metal boys will take my to the deeps of my mind
I hardly face it, that is disgrace, cos songs about the universe very soul
I try get higher and be inspired, ill take a load from Oborn's chode and die - all in the name of rock n' roll !
Track Name: Burning Cross
Blurry figures walks on the hill
Carryn' torches to broken mill
In this night of a sin and hate
Feelings testing your fate
Stand in circle and say the word
Song of god you never heard
Hold my hand and start to pray
Open eyes and way - fade away

I will guide you to different worlds
There's no pain, no hot or cold
We are rulers and we command
Demons banished from land
Future looking so bright and clear
I am feeling the end is near
But before we a turn to clay
Fight continues my friend, to this day

Hand of death is start to wave
Calling us from the grave
Do we all know anyway
They will pay
Its a burning cross!
Track Name: Wind Blows The Smell of Rot
Night is so cold, and the screams of the victims continue unfold
Day with no light, hopes are fadin' away they dont warming my mind
Feeling no time, like a nightmare which never returns to the life
Where is the end, of an ocean that flowing and glowin' the colors of red?

Changin' my home, and im changin' the clothes before i was worn
Shots of the gun, we can never be sure for tomorrow will come
Livin' with fear, we can cry but we know we will never be heard
Smoke in the sky, and the ashes are falling and falling on tears in my eyes.
Track Name: Fouled-up Flower
He was a twelve years old little boy, a child with many fears
He have a mother that he never been seen, she died cos of disease
Father always went anger on son with no mercy or excuse
One day he give him a magic pill and child has been abused

His eyes was blinded away
Suffer violence everyday
His mind was guided away so low
And he know no escape

Wake up with anger and the pain inside, he has created simple plan
Walk to the kitchen then he pick a knife in innocent little hands
Go upstairs knoks at fathers big door with a plan he have in mind
He open up then get stabbed right in heart, fallin' down and the boy is smiled
Track Name: Call of The Christ
When the moon is shine and clouds are flow in the night
And the powers of dark make evil host
They will carry out your soul to hellfire light
But in mind you reach down deep for call of the Christ

Back in time i was a peasant-country girl
Working long and countless days just to survive
I have no time for chuch service or preaching speech
And one day i hear someone viciously knocks on my door

Group of men is walkin' out into my house
They name themselves witchfinders, servants of the good
Tell me i am guilty in front of god
They say i am the witch, but in mind i reach down deep for call of the Christ

Angry mob witch torch and fork surrounding me
Accusation of witchcraft begun
Sounds of hate has echo'd and lay down on wind
Your mark of the devil was found and you gonna burn!

Hangin' on cross, wating my turn
Priest starts to pray, im gonna burn
Mother is cry, she dont understand
Is this by God's or Satan's command?

Call of the Christ, call of the Christ, dont you been hearin', they calling your name?
Innocent hearts pray for they souls, but another one set into purify flames
Tortured to death, burn to the ground, thousands of bodys is hangin' around
Do you will save us or let us to die in the blindness illusion?
Track Name: Fading Candles
Dying mother on the deathbed, try to hold for dear life
Childrens sitting near and crying, they dont wanna pass her by
Speak to me, my dear mother! Says one son and take her hand
I am love you like no other! But, her road is come to end

Father laying on the deathbed, in the dark and so alone
Little tear comes with the whisper "What have i been doing wrong?"
Room is filled up with silence, air thicker than a stone
And with no sign of the violence, heartbeat is hear no more

Life is flash in front your eyes, the milestones of different times
Light, your sould is cry for a light, in darkness which your mind will find
Fire burns, you feel the heat, monumental sacrifice
But this is cant not be compared how kins drown you in lie

Oh no hardly i wait for tomorrow
Oh no, you shot me and kill for a twice

Greed is not so good when they been tryin' to share your life
Freed, they soon be freed from the duties, which they hate inside
Memory of your lost is got to be very short
Marble stone under your head will be a final chapter's dot

Oh no hardly i wait for tomorrow
Oh no, you shot me and kill for a twice
Oh no, feelin' so lost in the sorrow
Oh no, you shot me and kill for a twice, yeah.
Track Name: Taste Of Desperation
Sounds of hate and anger ragin' all around
Broken skulls and body parts fallin' down to grown
Sky is seems so red and the sun is black
Many little boys will be never come back
Generals are playn' games they give commands
Frightened soldiers realize this is the end

In a prison cell there's a mother and son
Found themselves as victims of a war which goes around
Family are suffer from the hunger and thirst
Countless hours with no food, the hope is lost

Mother's brain is melting she is wost and gone
But suddenly she change attention to her precious son

Oh i love you very much my son, dont you know?
Doesn't matter bombs are falling down or grass is grow
Then she hugged her child and take a piece of tile
Sorry son, im love you, but this hunger i cant denial
Track Name: Manifesto The Demonofacture
My name is doctor Faust, the greatest sodomist
The powers of black magic rises from darkest and evil mist
I can out-magic Jesus inside my master mind
I look and found secrets of Plato and Aristotle hides

Come on baby, lets get it on!

Someone is call me wizard
Someone calls me warlock
Cos every dors of knowledge on my way is got to be unlock
I travel many places, but they dont think im real
I sold my soul to devil committed a sinful deal
Track Name: Bal des Ardents
Gettin' married second time, the ball will be tomorrow
Charivari masquerade - tradition that we follow
You is also will be there to join the other people
Playn' chaos, making noise in role of wild-man

Those flames madly dancing in your eyes, fire following you
Things that happen is driving you insane

Every guest was havin' fun, enjoy the entertainment
Wild-mans was fool around for newlyweds give payment
Accedently little torch was close to costume's waxes
Set on fire human flesh and room filled up with screams
Track Name: The Field Marshal (Полководец)
Grohochet bitva, bleshhut broni,
Orud'ja mednye revut,
Begut polki, nesutsja koni
I reki krasnye tekut.
Pylaet polden' - ljudi b'jutsja;
Sklonilos' solnce - boj sil'nej;
Zakat bledneet - no derutsja
Vragi vse jarostnej i zlej

I pala noch' na pole brani.
Druzhiny v mrake razoshlis'...
Vse stihlo, i v nochnom tumane
Stenan'ja k nebu podnjalis'.
Togda, ozarena lunoju,
Na boevom svoem kone,
Kostej sverkaja beliznoju,
Javilas' smert'; i v tishine,
Vnimaja vopli i molitvy,
Dovol'stva gordogo polna
Kak polkovodec mesto bitvy
Krugom ob#ehala ona.
Na holm podnjavshis', ogljanulas',
Ostanovilas', ulybnulas'...
I nad ravninoj boevoj
Pronessja golos rokovoj:

"Konchena bitva! ja vseh pobedila!
Vse predo mnoj vy smirilis', bojcy!
Zhizn' vas possorila, ja pomirila!
Druzhno vstavajte na smotr, mertvecy!
Marshem torzhestvennym mimo projdite,
Vojsko moe ja hochu soschitat';
V zemlju potom svoi kosti slozhite,
Sladko ot zhizni v zemle otdyhat'!
Gody nezrimo projdut za godami,
V ljudjah ischeznet i pamjat' o vas.
Ja zh ne zabudu i gromko nad vami
Pir budu pravit' v polunochnyj chas!
Pljaskoj tjazheloju zemlju syruju
Ja pritopchu, chtoby sen' grobovuju
Kosti pokinut' vovek ne mogli,
Chtob nikogda vam ne vstat' iz zemli!"

On russian :

Грохочет битва, блещут брони,
Орудья медные ревут,
Бегут полки, несутся кони
И реки красные текут.
Пылает полдень - люди бьются;
Склонилось солнце - бой сильней;
Закат бледнеет - но дерутся
Враги все яростней и злей.

И пала ночь на поле брани.
Дружины в мраке разошлись...
Все стихло, и в ночном тумане
Стенанья к небу поднялись.
Тогда, озарена луною,
На боевом своем коне,
Костей сверкая белизною,
Явилась смерть; и в тишине,
Внимая вопли и молитвы,
Довольства гордого полна
Как полководец место битвы
Кругом объехала она.
На холм поднявшись, оглянулась,
Остановилась, улыбнулась...
И над равниной боевой
Раздался голос роковой:

"Кончена битва! я всех победила!
Все предо мной вы смирились, бойцы!
Жизнь вас поссорила, я помирила!
Дружно вставайте на смотр, мертвецы!
Маршем торжественным мимо пройдите,
Войско мое я хочу сосчитать;
В землю потом свои кости сложите,
Сладко от жизни в земле отдыхать!
Годы незримо пройдут за годами,
В людях исчезнет и память о вас.
Я ж не забуду и громко над вами
Пир буду править в полуночный час!
Пляской тяжелою землю сырую
Я притопчу, чтобы сень гробовую
Кости покинуть вовек не могли,
Чтоб никогда вам не встать из земли!"